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A quick tour

The SongSheet applications are designed to make working with song sheets as simple as possible. A song sheet consists of lyrics and chords broken up into one or more stanzas. You might also know these as chord charts or lead sheets. There are many sources for such songs to be found online via a quick search. If they are available, ChordPro song files represent the most reliable import format.

SongSheet Pro

SongSheet Pro is designed to take full advantage of your iPad, whether it be an iPad mini, or the latest 12.9” iPad Pro.

There are two main views within the application:

The Library view is where you manage your set lists and song collection. It is split into two panes:

The Song view is for performing on stage, editing lyrics and chords, constructing arrangements, setting backing tracks, and so on – everything to do with an individual song.

There are also several supplementary views:

The Theme Editor view allows you to modify the look and feel of SongSheet Pro through themes. By default, the app comes with three themes installed:

In SongSheet Pro you can edit the default themes, create your own, or use themes created by others.

Should you have need to create a paper copy of a song or to send a song as a PDF to someone who does not own SongSheet, the Print / PDF Preview view gives you control over page-based layout, fonts, and so on.

The External display preview allows you to see on your iPad what would be displayed on an AirPlay or mirrored display, and configure fonts, colours, etc.

SongSheet Pro is capable of importing songs from several different file formats: plain text, various ChordPro variants, OnSong, DSBsoft’s SongSheet for Windows .dbt format, or text-based PDF files. You can either import directly from within SongSheet from iCloud Drive, Dropbox, or similar, use the “Open in…” feature from within Mail or any other app, or, on iOS 11, just drag and drop files from Files or other sources into the application.

It is also quite simple to share songs and set lists with other SongSheet users – simply use the share button to see all the export options you have available - AirDrop, Mail, export to Files, and so on. By far the easiest method to share songs, set lists, or your entire song library with members of your band also running SongSheet Pro is to just AirDrop them.


SongSheet Pro’s little sibling, simply called SongSheet, is optimised specifically for iPhones. As such, it doesn’t have all the features of the Pro version and the user interface layout is drastically different in the library manager, although the basic ideas still apply.

Besides changes to overall UI design, the most notable differences are:

SongSheet Remote

As a companion to SongSheet Pro, the Remote application runs on an iPhone or iPod Touch (which you would then mount directly on your guitar or other instrument) and allows you to remotely control SongSheet Pro on your iPad.

Connect a Bluetooth foot pedal or use various gestures to send commands from the SongSheet Remote app to control various functions in SongSheet on your iPad.

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