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Searching and filtering

Note: the following information currently only applies to SongSheet Pro. SongSheet on the iPhone currently doesn’t have these features.

Search filter bar screenshot

You can filter your library of songs by using a combination of text search and the quick and easy image tags (shown in the figure above). The filter is available when viewing all songs in your library (sorted either by title or artist), or when editing a set list.

When you start typing in this field the displayed list of songs will be filtered to show only those songs that match the entered text on any of title, artist, or genre.

Searching by key

You can also filter your entire song library by key. Tap the Key button to display the Key selector popover. Only songs matching the specified key will be displayed in the song list.

To stop filtering by key, tap the Clear button.

Image Tags

Each song can be tagged with any number of predefined image tags from within the song editor (see editing image tags for information on how to tag a song). Apart from the last three, the meanings you personally assign to each of them is completely up to you.

As an example, you could associate “fast” songs with the rabbit, and “slow” songs with the turtle. Why have two buttons for fast and slow? A song may be either fast or slow or neither if it is middle of the road in tempo. These two tags can represent three different tempos. Alternatively you may wish to mark a song as both fast and slow if it changes in different sections. Filtering out slow songs will show you fast songs, but also middle tempo songs as well. Of course, you can use these tags for an entirely different purpose if you like.

With tags like the bomb you might use it to indicate that that particular song “is the bomb!” or you might use it to tag the duds that you would use only as a last resort. The final three tags have special meanings:

note flag icon filters for songs that have an assigned backing track.

arrangement flag icon filters for songs for which you have created an arrangement (see the section on creating arrangements for more details).

flag icon is intended to be used as a temporary tag. When viewing and paging through songs this icon is always present at the top of the screen. This allows it to be quickly set or cleared with a simple tap. This is handy when browsing through songs for the purpose of building a short-list of songs for a gig.

Each tag has 3 modes:

  1. Inactive – the tag is ignored by the filter (the default). The tag image appears as an outline: filter icon ignored

  2. On / Include – only show songs that have this tag set. The tag image appears filled in: filter icon enabled

  3. Off / Exclude – only show songs that do not have this tag set. The tag image appears filled in with an “X” superimposed: filter icon disabled

A single tap on a tag will cycle it to the next mode.

Double tapping on the last tag – the “flag” – will present a popup menu:

Remove flag from all songs screenshot

This is for convenience; tapping “Remove flag from all songs” will clear this tag from every song in your library.

Clearing the search filter

When any filter is active, a “Clear search” button appears at the top of the library view. Tapping this will clear any entered search text and reset all tags to their default state, so all songs will be displayed.

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