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Managing set lists

A set list contains one or more sets of songs that you will use at a gig or other occasion. Each set can be assigned a name, and may contain an unlimited number of sets and songs. The same song can occur more than once in a set list.

Set lists have their own section in the Library view. If you have too many set lists to appear on screen at once, you can swipe to scroll through the list.

Create a set list

Tap create set list icon to create a new set list. A new set list entry is created at the top of the list of existing set lists. SongSheet automatically enters set list edit mode for the new set list.

Re-ordering set lists

To the left of the SET LISTS header (left-hand pane) is an Edit button (this button will not appear if you have no set lists). Tap it, and you will be presented with standard controls to reorder and delete set list entries. Tap Done to exit set list edit mode.

To move a set list, use the handle to drag it to its new location.

On iOS 11, you do not need to be in edit mode to reorder set lists - the standard drag and drop gestures will allow you to pick up a set list and move it to a new position in the list.

Deleting a set list

In Edit mode, each set list entry displays a red delete icon. Tap it, and the cell will slide over to reveal a red Delete button on the right-hand side. Tap this to confirm deletion or tap elsewhere to abort the delete.

Deleting a set list does not delete any songs from your library.

You can also delete a set list when not in edit mode by swiping from right-to-left across its title and tapping the red Delete button that appears.

Duplicating a set list

In addition to the Delete option, swiping right-to-left on the set list entry reveals a second option, Duplicate. Tap this, and a copy of the set list will be created.

Selecting a set list

When you tap on a set list’s name, the right-hand pane will update to show you the sets and songs that it contains.

Simply tap on any song in the set list to view it. When viewing a song that belongs to a set list, you can swipe left or right to page through only the songs that are included in that set list.

If you swipe to delete a song in this view, instead of the usual Delete button, a Remove button will show instead. Tapping this will only remove the song entry from the current set list, and will not delete it from your library. This can be a handy way to remove a song without having to enter edit mode (described in the next section).

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