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External displays

SongSheet can display your lyrics (a single stanza at a time) on an external display connected to your iPad. It can do this either via cable (e.g. HDMI or VGA) or using AirPlay mirroring.

You could use this for prompting other musicians or singers on stage, or for audience participation (e.g. congregational singing).

Setting up


In order to use AirPlay to display your lyrics, you must have an AppleTV or other AirPlay receiver on the same local area network as your iPad.

Connect to your AirPlay device as normal, making sure mirroring is turned on.

Now, whenever a stanza is highlighted on your iPad (e.g. when following an arrangement, or because you tapped on the stanza), just that stanza (without any chords) will automatically be displayed on the external screen as well.

If you tap on a highlighted stanza, it will be unhighlighted, and the external display will go blank.

Cable connection - HDMI, VGA, etc

Alternatively, you can directly connect your iPad to an external screen using an adapter. For example, you can use Apple’s Lightning to HDMI adapter to connect your iPad to a screen using the HDMI technology.

Once connected it behaves exactly the same as the AirPlay connection described above: highlighted stanzas are displayed whole on the external display.

External display preview

On your iPad’s screen you can preview what is shown on the external display. With a song visible, tap external display preview button (the external display preview button). A preview window will appear and float above your lyrics. You can drag this window around and resize it, and close it by tapping the X icon in the top right.

In addition to showing you a live preview of what appears on the external display, this window provides you with a few extra controls you will see underneath the preview:

From left to right, these controls are:

Mirroring the display

SongSheet has a “demo” mode that allows you to mirror exactly what you see on screen on the external display. This is intended for situations such as training sessions. To enable this, bring up the settings window and switch Demo mode to on. Now everything you do in SongSheet on your iPad will be reflected on the external display.

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