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The theme editor

Displaying the theme editor

In order to edit themes, first tap on select theme button (the select theme button) to show the select theme popover. In the top left of that popover is an Edit button. If you tap on that you will be taken to the theme editor, with the current theme selected for editing.

The theme editor is broken into two panels. The left panel lists all the themes currently installed, while the right panel allows you to edit the currently selected theme.

Selecting, creating and deleting themes

In the left-hand panel, tap on a theme name to select it. The theme editor (described below) on the right will show the new theme.

To create a new theme, tap the + button at the top-left of the screen. Initially, the new theme is simply a copy of the last selected theme. This is for convenience to give you a starting point for your new theme.

If you wish to delete a theme, swipe from right-to-left across the theme name and a Delete button will appear. Tap the button to permanently delete the theme.

Layout of the theme editor

From top to bottom, the theme editor presents the following controls:

You do not need to explicitly save your changes - SongSheet does this automatically.

Selecting colors for lyrics, chords and background

Each color selector has a color sample surrounded by three controls: H (hue), S (saturation), and V (value, or brightness):

When dragging each of these controls you can move your finger further away from the color sample in order to have a much finer degree of control.

Move your finger further away for more accurate control.

Lyrics and chord fonts, sizes

Tapping on either the Lyrics or Chords buttons will show a popover allowing you to select a new font:

As you browse through the fonts, you can tap on any font and the lyrics preview will immediately update to reflect your choice. Note that the popover does not automatically dismiss, allowing you to quickly preview a bunch of different fonts. When you are satisfied with your selection, simply tap elsewhere on the display to dismiss the popover.

To change the font size, tap the + or - buttons on either side of the Lyrics or Chords buttons. This will increase or decrease the font size, respectively.

Background patterns

Tapping the Background button displays a popover which shows a selection of built-in textures you can use as a background to your lyrics:

The top-most selection represents a blank background. Scroll through the patterns and tap on one to select it. Tap anywhere else on the screen to dismiss the popover.

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