User Manual

To learn more about how SongSheet Pro supports iOS 11’s new drag and drop functionality take a look at this introduction.

Please note, an updated user manual is coming soon. In the mean time, the manual for version 2.2 linked below still contains a lot of useful information, even though many things have changed since that release.

SongSheet Pro for iPad and SongSheet for iPhone can both import from and export to ChordPro format. View SongSheet’s ChordPro format support (HTML).

Release notes

The current release of SongSheet Pro is version 3.1.1, released September 28, 2017.

The current release of SongSheet for the iPhone is 3.1, released September 28, 2017.

Both versions of SongSheet require a minimum of iOS 9 to run.

Below you can browse the complete history of SongSheet releases.

SongSheet 2.2 User Manual

View or download the SongSheet user manual in either PDF or iBooks format: