iOS 11 is finally here, introducing what is in my opinion a game-changing feature to your iPad: drag and drop. The 3.1 update to SongSheet Pro integrates drag and drop support across the app, making working with songs and set lists even easier than before!

Importing songs

Using the new Files app, it is quite easy to just drag and drop the songs you wish to add to SongSheet Pro. You can either drag in a whole folder full of songs, or do so one at a time.

This works also if the song file is an attachment to an email, or in another application. If it is one of SongSheet’s supported formats, and you can drag it, then you can also drop it into SongSheet’s library.

SongSheet Pro supports importing files in any of the following formats:

The video below demonstrates how to import songs and folders into SongSheet Pro via drag and drop:

Also, with drag and drop, adding songs to SongSheet Pro from websites has also just become much easier. All you need to do is open Safari, find the lyrics and chords for the song you are after, then select the song and drag it into SongSheet.

This video demonstrates how easy this can be:

Editing set lists

Drag and drop makes creating and editing set lists easier as well.

To create a set list:

  1. Start dragging the first song you want to include in the new set list.
  2. Tap to select any more songs you want to add.
  3. Drag the group of songs to the set list entries. You can choose where the new set list will be inserted.
  4. Drop the songs to create the set list.

To add songs to a set list form the library view:

  1. Start dragging the song you want to add to a set list.
  2. Hover over the set list you want to add the song to. It will open automatically.
  3. Now drag the song to the position in the set list you wish to insert it and then drop it.

You can also drag and drop to re-order songs in a set list now without first going into set list editing mode.

Here’s a video demonstrating the above features:

Exporting and sharing songs and set lists

SongSheet Pro allows you to share (via Mail, AirDrop, etc) or export (to Files, open in other apps) via the Send and Export dialogs. For example, to email a song in ChordPro format to someone, you could tap the share button, then Send Song, then tap on the ChordPro option, then Mail. You would then get a pre-populated Mail sheet with the song attached.

But what if you wanted to attach the song to an email you were already composing? Or you wanted to send a set list to all your bandmates in both SongSheet and PDF formats (because not everyone has an iPad with SongSheet on it)?

Drag and drop makes this process much easier, too. In every Send and Export dialog, each icon representing a format choice is also a drag source. Just select and drag all of the formats you wish to share or export into Files, an email you are composing in Mail, or anything else that accepts file drag and drops.

Of course, you can easily drag and drop songs and set lists in SongSheet’s format just by dragging them out of the library and into Files, Mail, and so on.

This video demonstrates some of the possibilities:

Drag and drop text snippets into the song editor

Finally, you can also drag and drop a snippet of text from an email, a website, Notes, etc, straight into a song you are currently editing. This is often easier than using copy and paste, as you can drop at the precise location you wish to insert the text into your song.

Other improvements in SongSheet 3.1

While drag and drop support in the Pro version of SongSheet was the major new feature in SongSheet 3.1, there are other new goodies available to those of you who haven’t yet upgraded to iOS 11 or are running SongSheet on your iPhone:

  • PDF was added to the list of formats available in the export song/send song format chooser. This removes the need to always go via the Print / PDF view in order to share PDF versions of your songs, if you have already set things up to your liking.
  • Sharing and exporting set lists was simplified to use the same choose format browser introduced for sharing of songs in SongSheet 3.0
  • There were some more tweaks to margins, spacing, and overall layout of songs

Finally, there were also the usual bug fixes. Check out the full release notes for more information!