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Customizing appearance


Themes will be discussed in detail in their own chapter, but it worth highlighting how themes are intended to aid the performing musician. By default SongSheet ships with three themes already installed:

external display with lyrics

To change the current theme, tap theme selector button (the theme selector button) on the navigation bar and pick a new theme from the popup menu.

Quick font size changes

Although normally set in the theme editor, you can increase or decrease the size of lyrics and chords using a pinch gesture in the song view. (This feature can be turned off in the SongSheet settings, accessible by tapping settings button (the settings button) on the navigation bar.)

Chord style

Also available within the settings popover is the ability to change the style in which chords are displayed.

To use a Jazz style chord notation, turn the Use Jazz chord notation setting on. Turn the setting off to return to normal.

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