SongSheet Pro for iPad and iPhone.

Create and perform like never before!

SongSheet is for the gigging musician. The song writer. The busker. The music therapist. The teacher. The worship leader. Use it on stage, on the street, in the home, around the camp fire or in the class room. It has an easy to use lyrics and chords editor, and can manage thousands of song sheets, with powerful tools to support you when you play or sing.

"Head and shoulders above the competition"

- Bentonovice, USA

A razor sharp focus on both usability and utility has delivered an app that excels where it counts: creating and editing chord sheets, managing hundreds of songs, and supporting you and your band when you perform.

Edit Chord Charts

SongSheet includes a specially optimised lyrics and chords editor; nothing else comes close.

Manage your Collection

Import ChordPro, plain text, or PDF song sheets from iCloud Drive or other apps. Easy set list creation. Powerful search and filtering.

Perform with Confidence

Intelligent auto-scroll, arrangements and backing tracks. Transpose on the fly.

Easy Sharing

Share PDF versions of your songs via AirDrop or print them via AirPrint. Emailed songs to other SongSheet users import with a single tap.

Remote Control

Wireless control via SongSheet Remote (free) for your iPhone or a Bluetooth foot pedal.

And much more!

Project lyrics on the big screen. Customise appearance with themes. And more!

"This is my go to app for writing songs"

- Sepheritoh, South Africa

SongSheet contains a custom-built chord chart editor. It auto-detects stanzas as you type. Tap to insert a chord above your lyrics. Tap a chord to edit it in-place. Drag and drop chords, single lines or whole stanzas.

Easily tweak songs imported from the web
Find a chord chart online in Safari, then copy and paste into SongSheet. Chords wrong or not in quite the right positions? SongSheet's editor makes fixing them a snap.

Customisable rendering
Select your favourite fonts for lyrics and chords. Display chords traditionally or using Jazz notation. Pinch to resize text. Switch from the default light theme to the built-in dark theme when under lights. Create your own themes.

"No more carrying heavy binders of chord sheets"

- coolcoolum, Australia

If you're used to carrying around thick binders full of hundreds of chord charts or, worse yet, lots of loose bits of paper, then you'll appreciate having all your songs in one place in SongSheet on your iPad. No more lost or hard-to-find songs. It's a lot lighter, too!

Unlimited songs and set lists
SongSheet imposes no limits on how many songs you can have in your library or any set list. Build a set list for a gig with just a few taps.

Powerful song search and filtering
Plain-text search by title, author or genre. Tag your songs with special icons and then filter your song list to find just the one you are after.

Easy song sharing with band members
Email a song, a set list, or the entire contents of your library to another SongSheet user for them to import with a single tap. And... if you really need to, you can print your songs, too!

Import ChordPro, plain text, and PDF files
SongSheet supports several popular song sheet formats, and allows you to open them in SongSheet from other apps. Alternatively, import directly from within SongSheet via iCloud Drive. Upon import, SongSheet converts the files to its internal format allows you to easily correct any mistakes arising from the conversion process.

"... really changing my gigs."

- Mackham21, UK

SongSheet is built for use on-stage, allowing you to concentrate on your performance instead of on the chord chart.

Intelligent autoscroll for hands-free operation
Tell SongSheet approximately how long it takes to perform the song and when you're ready to go, tap the play button. SongSheet will make sure the lyrics will be there when you need them!

A Bluetooth foot pedal with arrangements is a powerful combination
Pre-program the order of stanzas and use a Bluetooth foot pedal to step through the song, highlighting each stanza as you go.

SongSheet Remote app allows control from your iPhone
Available as a free download, the SongSheet Remote app allows you to remotely control SongSheet on your iPad from your iPhone. Simply mount the iPhone on your guitar, connect to SongSheet, and now you can send commands to SongSheet with simple taps and swipes.

Backing tracks, arrangements, lyrics projection, and more
This only scratches the surface of what SongSheet can do. You can attach tracks from your iTunes library to a SongSheet song. Create an arrangement that allows you to easily step through the stanzas in whatever order you specify. Use AirPlay mirroring to project lyrics on a big screen for audience participation.

"If you play with chords on any instrument, get this app."

- tagadagat, US

SongSheet Pro
SongSheet Remote (iPhone, iPod Touch)