SongSheet Privacy Policy

Last updated: 1 May, 2015

For the purposes of evaluating aggregated usage trends and tracking down bugs, SongSheet utilises the following two services:

  • Crashlytics: anonymous crash and usage reporting. Besides individual crash reports, this gives us data such as how many people use SongSheet on any idividual day, what devices and versions of iOS are being used, and so on. We use this service to more quickly identify problems as they occur, enabling us to deliver to you a more robust app experience. You can also peruse Crashlytics' privacy policy here:
  • Localytics: anonymous app usage tracking. We use this to track which features are used how often, to help us plan where the most attention needs to be placed on future app udpates. Again, we do not collect any personally identifiable information through this service. More information on Localytics' privacy policy can be found here:

In either case, in no circumstance do we sell any information that we gather through these services. We may talk about lessons learned from the data we gather in blog posts or in conference talks, but we will not share any of the raw data with anyone outside the company.