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Share with other SongSheet users

SongSheet facilitates easy sharing of individual songs within your library to other SongSheet users.

When viewing a song, tap share button (the Share button) in the top-right, then tap Send Song.

SongSheet will present you with a number of sharing options, including AirDrop (if your device supports it).

Sending a song via Mail

If you select Mail, a mail compose window will be opened, in which the song you have selected is embedded within a link. Because some mail clients do not handle the embedded data in the link properly, the song is also included as an attachment.

Specify a recipient in the To: field, then tap Send. The recipient should open the email on their iPad, and then simply tap the link within the email to import the song directly into their copy of SongSheet: it will be added to their library. If the link doesn’t work, then they’ll need to open the attachment instead, at which point the device will prompt the user to open the file in SongSheet.

If they do not own SongSheet, then we suggest you send the song to them as a PDF, using AirDrop, Mail or other means, using the procedure described in the Print and PDF section.

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