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Share, export, and print set lists

Do you need to get everyone in the band singing or playing from the same set list? It’s as simple as using AirDrop, sending an email, or printing your set list.

With the set list you wish to share selected, tap share icon (the share button) at the top-right of the screen. You will be presented several options: Send Set List, Export Set List, and Print.

Send Set List

You will be asked to choose what format to send the set list. Currently supported formats are SongSheet’s native format (for other SongSheet Pro and SongSheet users), and PDF.

Tap on the icon representing the format you wish to send, then select an option from the popup menu that appears.

If you choose to send a setlist via Mail, SongSheet composes a draft email for you containing different things based on what format you chose:

SongSheet format

  1. The set list with all its sets and songs is embedded into a link in the body of the email. Someone else with their own copy of SongSheet can simply tap on this link on their iPad and automatically import the set list with all of its songs (see below for more information). This can also be handy as an extra backup or archive of your set lists.

  2. Due to limitations of some email providers (e.g. Google mail), the link doesn’t always work, so the set list is also attached as a file attachment that can be opened in SongSheet (this requires a few more taps than the link method above).

PDF format

  1. The main email body lists the names of each set and song within the set list. This makes it easy for someone to copy and paste the set list information into another document format.

  2. SongSheet attaches a PDF version of the set list entries. This can be printed out on any computer. Optionally, the PDF can be configured to include the songs as well.

To always include the song text in the generated PDF and not just the song entries, you will need to open SongSheet’s settings view and turn on the option to “Include songs when printing set lists or creating set list PDFs”.

Export Set List

If all you want is the bare setlist file in either SongSheet or PDF formats, choose this option. You can then just save the file to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, or AirDrop it to another device.

If you are running SongSheet Pro on iOS 11, this option also provides a way of easily sending an email that contains both export formats. The format icons are drag enabled - so you can open Mail, create a new email, then drag and drop both icons into your email to add them as attachments.


If you have a compatible AirPrint printer, you can also select the Print option. The printed result uses exactly the same layout as the PDF created as part of the email above.

Importing shared set lists

When you receive a set list shared from someone else, tap on the tap here to import link within the email. SongSheet will open and automatically import the set list with all of its songs into your SongSheet library.

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